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Webshop Blinds & Rollers blinds-rollers.co.uk is owned by

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Phone.: (+48) 59 847 55 15
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All of our products are manufactured in the European Union in line with the highest standards of quality!


A fitting service is provided in High Wycombe and in London and other areas. A quote for the fitting of any products offered by blinds-rollers.co.uk is available upon request. The cost of fitting depends on the distance from the High Wycombe area, where the company is based, and on the quantity of the products to be fitted.

Conditions for order processing

  1. Customers of the blinds-rollers.co.uk store must be adults.
  2. Customers can place orders 24-hours a day at blinds-rollers.co.uk. Customers place orders by clicking on the product they are interested in and configuring it with the available options to suit their requirements. Once selected and configured, order the product by clicking on ADD TO BASKET and then proceed to delivery address and payment details.
  3. No registration is required to make purchases at blinds-rollers.co.uk.
  4. In placing an order customers conclude a contract of sale for the goods ordered with blinds-rollers.co.uk
  5. Customers specify the following when placing an order:
    1. The name, configuration and quantity of the item(s).
    2. Delivery address.
    3. Additional comments: e.g., address for invoicing, special order conditions etc.
    4. Method of payment.
    5. Contact details: telephone number, fax, e-mail.
  6. A unique order number is generated when an order is placed. Payment for the goods ordered cannot be made without this number, which should also be quoted when contacting the Customer Service Department.
  7. Customers can only place orders for large quantities of goods (wholesale orders above 50 items) by contacting the Customer Service Department at blinds-rollers.co.uk by telephone (+44 7411937991) or email (info@blinds-rollers.co.uk)
  8. Goods will be delivered only if they are in stock at the warehouse of the blinds-rollers.co.uk and where the configuration selected by the customer is technically possible.
  9. Delivery is made to the address specified by the customer in the order.
  10. Order processing begins when payment has been credited to the account of the blinds-rollers.co.uk and when the customer has provided effective confirmation of the order.
  11. blinds-rollers.co.uk shall not be liable for the non-delivery of goods, for delays in delivery, or for delays in order processing where customers supply an inaccurate address.
  12. Where some of the products the customer has ordered are not in stock at the warehouse, or where the specified configuration is not possible, blinds-rollers.co.uk will telephone or e-mail the customer (to the contact telephone number and e-mail address provided in the order form) and state what goods and delivery options are available. blinds-rollers.co.uk will also ask the customer how they wish to proceed with the order.
  13. In the situation described in the previous point, the customer can:
    1. Cancel the entire order.
    2. Agree to wait longer for the whole order to be completed.
    3. Split the order into smaller batches.
    4. Agree to modify the configuration of the goods ordered.
  14. Where the order is split into smaller batches due to items being out-of-stock at the warehouse, the customer will be charged only for the first delivery. The cost of delivering the remaining items in batches will be borne by blinds-rollers.co.uk
  15. Where the customer cannot be contacted, or where there is no reply within 48 hours on how to proceed with the order, blinds-rollers.co.uk can:
    1. Complete the customer’s order in full with an extended delivery deadline.
    2. Complete the customer’s order in full having split it into smaller batches according to when the goods become available and at its discretion.
    3. Complete part of the customer’s order and deliver the goods that are in stock at the central warehouse when the order is processed, whilst cancelling the remainder of the order.
    4. Cancel the customer's order in full.


  1. The blinds-rollers.co.uk online store places information about its offer on the blinds-rollers.co.uk website and offers the goods that are in its warehouse via the Internet.
  2. Prices on the blinds-rollers.co.uk website:
    1. are given in pounds sterling (GBP)
    2. do not include information on the cost of delivery when placed next to the product offered
  3. The final, binding price is the price stated next to the product on the blinds-rollers.co.uk website at the moment the customer places an order.
  4. Where the configuration of a given product is changed after an order has been placed, blinds-rollers.co.uk reserves the right to change the price.
  5. Information on the total value of the order is presented on the blinds-rollers.co.uk website after the customer has selected delivery and payment options
  6. blinds-rollers.co.uk reserves the right, without notice and at any time, to change the prices of goods on offer and to conduct or cancel promotions or discounts of any kind.
  7. Where a change in price is caused by a change in configuration, the customer will be informed of this fact before proceeding to the order completion (click-to-confirm) stage.

Modifying an Order

  1. Customers may change an order at any time before proceeding to the order completion (click-to-confirm) stage.
  2. Because the products offered on blinds-rollers.co.uk are produced according to customers’ individual needs, an order cannot be cancelled or changed once the production process has begun.
  3. Changes may be made only by contacting the Customer Service Department by telephone (+44 7411 937991) or by e-mail (info@blinds-rollers.co.uk).
  4. Changes may include cancelling the entire order. If payment for the goods has been made in advance, a refund will be credited within 14 working days to the account from which the customer made the payment. If the customer does not have a bank account, the refund will be made by postal order.


  1. Orders are dispatched within seven working days. This is the approximate time taken from the moment the order is received for processing to the moment it is transferred to the courier company for dispatch. The completion time for the entire order includes the time required to assemble all of the goods ordered.
  2. The order will be delivered by a courier company to the postal address stated in the order form.
  3. It is possible to collect the goods in person directly from a physical shop.
  4. The precise cost of delivery is given in your ‘SHOPPING CART’.
  5. Delivery time is from two to three working days.
  6. blinds-rollers.co.uk is not liable for any delays in delivery caused by the courier company.


  1. Payment for the goods to be delivered can be made by payment card, PayPal, bank transfer, postal order, or in person in cash.
  2. Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club International, JCB, by electronic bank transfer in the majority of banks in the UK, or by traditional, non-electronic bank transfer.
  3. The order-completion process begins after the customer has placed the order on blinds-rollers.co.uk and after payment has been credited to the blinds-rollers.co.uk account.
  4. Settlement of credit card transactions and e-transfers is handled by PayPal.
  5. Detailed information on payment, security and the principles for the processing and storage of the data obtained in the payment process can be found at https://www.paypal.co.uk

Warranty and complaints

  1. All goods offered on blinds-rollers.co.uk will be replaced if:
    1. They have manufacturing defects.
    2. They have suffered mechanical damage during transport.
    3. The goods do not conform with those specified in the order.
  2. Goods purchased from blinds-rollers.co.uk will not be replaced if:
    1. They do not conform with the goods specified in the order because of the individual settings of the customer’s computer (colour, proportion etc.)
    2. They have suffered mechanical damage as a result of incorrect use or assembly.
    3. They have been damaged as a result of the long-term action of factors such as damp or exposure to sunlight, etc.
    4. Proper periodic care and maintenance has not been performed.
  3. In the case of purchased goods for which the manufacturer or the company bringing them to market has issued a warranty, the customer has two ways to pursue a complaint regarding purchased goods:
    1. The customer can return the goods to the retailer, that is, to blinds-rollers.co.uk
    2. Taking advantage of the rights conferred by the warranty: in this case the customer takes his complaint about the goods directly to the guarantor (the company issuing the warranty) and blinds-rollers.co.uk only acts as an intermediary forwarding the complaint. The customer can choose to take the complaint directly to the guarantor or to blinds-rollers.co.uk, which cannot refuse to mediate in the warranty procedure.
  4. blinds-rollers.co.uk will respond to the customer’s complaint and propose a resolution within 14 working days.
  5. blinds-rollers.co.uk will not consider the complaint unless the following conditions are satisfied:
    1. The goods in question, along with the invoice, are returned in the original packaging to blinds-rollers.co.uk
    2. The goods have manufacturing defects.
  6. Complaints may also be lodged at physical stores.
  7. If the complaint is decided in favour of the customer, blinds-rollers.co.uk will replace the goods in question for goods of full value or, if the customer wishes, blinds-rollers.co.uk will refund the sum paid for the goods within 14 working days of receiving the complaint.
  8. The customer has the right to lodge a complaint for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


  1. Goods purchased via blinds-rollers.co.uk cannot be returned. These goods are produced as one-off items according to individual arrangements with the customer (personalized production for the customer). The goods are therefore not subject to the provisions stating that goods ordered via the Internet may be returned within ten days of the date of purchase.

Personal data

  1. By making purchases with blinds-rollers.co.uk the customer agrees that his personal data may be stored in the blinds-rollers.co.uk database and also that it may be processed for marketing purposes.
  2. Personal data is protected under the Data Protection Act of 1998 in a way that prevents third-party access.
  3. Customers of blinds-rollers.co.uk have the right under the Data Protection Act to inspect, modify, or delete their personal data.
  4. blinds-rollers.co.uk cannot complete customers’ orders without their consent to process their personal data.
  5. The personal data kept in the database of blinds-rollers.co.uk is only shared with entities participating in the performance of an order.
  6. Except where customers agree that blinds-rollers.co.uk may store their data beyond the following deadlines, their data ceases to be stored following a delivery, after a complaint has been handled, or after the period of time in which a complaint can be handled has elapsed.

Final provisions

  1. The presence of a product and its configurator in the price list of blinds-rollers.co.uk does not mean the product is available and can be ordered.
  2. The product configurator makes it possible to select a variety of designs. For technical reasons, however, not all configurations chosen by customers can be achieved. In these cases, the customer will be informed of this fact by blinds-rollers.co.uk during the order-confirmation process.
  3. blinds-rollers.co.uk is not responsible for the blocking by mail servers of the dispatch of e-mails to the address provided by the customer in the order or for the deletion or blocking of e-mails by software installed on the customer's computer (anti-spam filters).
  4. Differences resulting from the individual settings of the customer's computer (colour, proportions etc.) do not constitute grounds for lodging a complaint about, or for returning, goods purchased from blinds-rollers.co.uk. A colour picker is available to avoid such situations. This can be obtained by contacting the Customer Service Department.
  5. As mistakes may occur during updating (e.g., photographs, prices, configurations), any discrepancies will be corrected by blinds-rollers.co.uk in the process of confirming the order.
  6. The prices stated on blinds-rollers.co.uk only apply to the Internet offer: they are not binding in physical shops and do not attract the additional discounts that may apply in those shops at a given time.
  7. The provisions of common law shall apply to any case not covered by these conditions of purchase.
  8. All of the names of the goods offered for sale by blinds-rollers.co.uk are used for identification purposes and may be protected and reserved under the provisions of the Industrial Property Act.
  9. These conditions of purchase enter into force as of 1 November 2016.
  10. blinds-rollers.co.uk reserves the right to change these conditions of purchase. All changes to these conditions of purchase take effect from the date they are published on the blinds-rollers.co.uk website.
  11. Any disputes that arise from the provisions of these conditions of purchase shall be resolved by the competent court with jurisdiction over the company’s registered office.